11. For those who have never heard about you or your debut book It’s Money In The Bank, 7 Insider Tips To Financing Any Small Biz! Briefly describe it…
It’s Funny, Witty, and It’s Inspirational! It will take you on an emotional roller coaster … you’ll find yourself nodding your head and talking back to the book as you tear through the pages. I’ve read the book nearly a dozen times and every time I read it I find myself laughing out loud! Even though I’m the author … I find myself challenged to put it down! The book is full of aha moments and wonderful ways to quickly grab your lenders attention and win funding.
22. Are there any books on the market … you used to pattern It’s Money in the bank after?
If you were moved by Who Moved The Cheese … or felt empowered after reading Think and Grow Rich then you’ll absolutely love It’s Money In The Bank!
33. Why should any aspiring entrepreneur spend their last 10 cents or $10 listening to the audio book or buying a paperback?
It’s a lively 130 pages. By the second chapter you’ll be inspired to take action and put your financial house in order. You’ll be motivated to race to the very bankers that denied you funding and show them how dynamic your firm really is and how wrong they were. The great thing about the book … is it delivers a roadmap of how to win friends and influence bankers.
44. What inspired you to write It’s Money In The Bank?
People are hurting, small businesses are losing multi-million dollar opportunities because they are ill prepared to approach their banker. Every week my practice receives dozens of frantic calls from talented entrepreneurs who have 48 to 72 hours left to win funding or they are going to lose everything! Their contracts, their business, their reputation, their home, their credit if they cannot fund their projects. Imagine hearing this same story day in and day out from people on the verge of losing real wealth … wealth that would strengthen their family and firm for generations. I couldn’t stand by and watch talented entrepreneurs losing opportunity after opportunity when I had the lending expertise to point them in the right direction.
5 5. What makes you uniquely qualified to author a book on entrepreneurship and small biz lending?
PAIN! I would love to say … it’s because I delivered over $350 million in funding for hundreds of entrepreneurs who were initially turned away or denied loans to build or expand their business. Or the fact, I traveled the southeast teaching local bank presidents how to adequately underwrite and structure their small business loan portfolios. One might say it was because I was accepted into one of the top bank training programs in the country and was mentored by top tier lenders. Mainly it’s because I’ve failed! With all of my lending expertise I lost over $10 million in equity in 16 months. I went from 60 to 0 income producing properties in the blink of an eye. When colleagues who I trained were making $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 per month acquiring distressed businesses and commercial properties; I was on the verge of bankruptcy! Like many of the large financial institutions a few years back, like many of your listeners today I was left scrambling … trying to win funding to save my reputation and my business. While I was credit savvy, I didn’t have a funding plan in place to capitalize on opportunities. I personally know the pain of losing real wealth … and missing out on amazing opportunities. If this could happen to me; then it’s certainly happening to mom and pop businesses across America. Over the past 24 months, I’ve spent thousands of hours creating this funding blueprint that has changed lives and save hundreds of businesses.
6 6. What inspired your Funding Guy Cartoon series and where can we find it?
No one likes asking their mother … brother … sister … cousin … boyfriend … girlfriend … significant other … or neighbor for a loaf of bread! Imagine going to a banker you’ve never met and asking them to believe in your dream and lend you $1,000,000. It’s nerve wrecking and humbling. I thought the cartoon series would be a pretty cool way to edu-tain entrepreneurs. I assumed folk would laugh at Eager Eddy’s pain, but take away powerful lessons of what not to do when approaching a banker. While we’re working on a syndication deal you can find my beloved cartoons at www.TheFundingGuy.com
77.Who will benefit from reading It’s Money In The Bank?
While, the obvious answer is aspiring entrepreneurs looking to convert their ideas into concrete profitable businesses, I submit every small business lender, CPA, business coach and gov’t procurement official should get and read a copy of It’s Money In The Bank! Those are the folk on the frontline … that can share or spread this funding message and get our national economy rolling again.
88. Why are small businesses struggling to win funding?
Many deliver piss poor financials, to lenders who don’t have an appetite for their industry. What’s more 9 out of 10 small businesses fail to show how they are going to repay the money they are asking for. In actuality, while bankers train for years prior to making their initial loan decision, the only education available for aspiring entrepreneurs is the school of hard knocks. My prayer is that the message found in It’s Money In The Bank, will spread like wild fire to those entrepreneurs who are in need of a financial breakthrough.
99. What takeaways will those struggling to win funding leave with?
I want readers to walk away financially astute with the knowledge of how to deliver a perfect pitch to their niche banker. I want aspiring entrepreneurs to eliminate the shotgun approach or system of winning funding … you know the system where they bombard every banker within a 5 mile radius of their office. I fully expect my readers to become action takers that follow the funding blueprint laid out in the book.
10You have a cartoon series, a hit book … what’s next for The Funding Guy?
Hollywood! No seriously, we are looking to create a chain of Youth Entrepreneurial Centers around the country that will teach aspiring teenpreneurs how to run their own successful online eStores. Imagine scores of teen entrepreneurs running profitable ePortals where they are selling video games, school supplies, tennis shoes, designer clothes and electronics. Talk about finding the next Michael Dell.
If you’re interested in contributing your online marketing expertise or care to make a financial contribution toward this project we can be reached at info@TheFundingGuy.com.   Please note a portion of all book and coaching sales will go toward funding these entrepreneurial centers I’ve coined “The Funding Lounge”