Ex-Banker details insider secrets to drastically increasing entrepreneurs’ abysmal loan approvals.   Tampa, Florida, USA. July 07, 2013 – Tampa, Florida based Edward E. Felder, Jr. MBA, a widely acclaimed financing specialist and the CEO of Supplier, has announced the release of his first book “It’s Money In The Bank: 7 Insider Tips To Financing Any Small Biz!”.

Witty and inspirational, It’s Money In The Bank, is expected to be a surefire hit with aspiring entrepreneurswho have historically approached their funding, like a deer in headlights; blindly darting from lender to lender clinging to their dreams, fighting for their businesses future.

Affectionately known as “The Funding Guy”, Felder shares insider tips that will teach aspiring entrepreneurshow to win friends and greatly influence their bankers. Given banks paltry record of lending to smallbusinesses with revenue under $1,000,000, this book will certainly be an eye opener and game changer forentrepreneurs.

Asked why he wrote It’s Money In The Bank, Felder states, “after years of fielding heartbreaking calls frommom and pop retailers, restaurateurs and gov’t subcontractors on the verge of losing lucrative opportunitiesdue to their inability to win working capital; I felt compelled to share the secrets used by my firm to win nearly $350 million in funding for clients who were originally denied financing by local banks. He continued by saying “it was a blast writing such a fun book that’s going to inspire and level the playing field for scores of business owners who formerly used the shotgun approach to winning funding.”

If the rave reviews and testimonials from small business titans like Kelly Cole, Author of Conversation With Sharks: Success Secrets Share by ABC Shark Tank, who proclaimed, “It’s Money in The Bank, is the Answer To Every Small Business Owners Prayers” or John William Templeton, Chief Economist of IBIS Partners, LLC and Co-Founder of National Black Business Month who says, “Felder’s fun, easy-to-digest approach makes this book a must read at any stage of operations.” is any indication, It’s Money In The Bank, will be an amazing blueprint for entrepreneurs seeking funding to kick start their start-ups.

If you were moved by Think and Grow Rich and inspired by Rich Dad Poor Dad; “I can’t wait for you to getyour hands on It’s Money In The Bank”, says the 20 year lending executive. “After reading this 130 pagebook, you’ll walk away more financially astute, a smile on your face and a proven system for thoroughly impressing your banker.”

To read excerpts of the book or to listen to a snippet of the audio book you’re invited to visit For further information on “It’s Money In The Bank: 7 Insider Tips To Financing Any Small Biz!” contact Funding Guy Publishing, LLC at 813 245-3293 or email