John William Templeton, Co-Founder, National Black Business Month

Chief Economist IBIS Partners, LLC

7Insider Tips to Financing Any Small Biz is a long-needed tool to give entrepreneurs a realistic view of how to effectively raise the funds needed to sustain any business. Felder’s fun, easy-to-digest approach makes the book a must read at any stage of operations. The actual case studies provide authentic examples of hurdles which have to be surmounted, particularly when businesses find credit more challenging than ever before.”

Dr. Will Moreland, America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer

Best Selling Author of 30 Books!

Wow! Was my first reaction when I had the opportunity to read an advance copy of Edward’s book “It’s Money In The Bank.” Filled with timely and timeless insights for any business owner wanting to get the upper hand on securing financing. A great practical read for the seasoned as well as the budding entrepreneur. Read, learn and apply the wisdom in this book. Great work Edward!”

A.J. Della Monica

Florida’s Restaurant Business Broker

Hands down The Funding Guy is the very best finance guy I’ve worked with. His system has delivered phenomenal results for my clients seeking Restaurant funding for over 15 years. If you’re seeking hassle free funding do yourself a favor and buy two copies of this funding blueprint … one for yourself and one for your banker!”

Santosh Govindaraju

CEO Convergent Capital Partners

It’s Money in The Bank offers powerful insight on how hoteliers and aspiring entrepreneurs can deliver a perfect funding pitch.  If you’re serious about delighting your lender, and fast tracking your funding … grab a cup of coffee, a highlighter and a copy of It’s Money In The Bank!   The insider tips revealed, will make your deals far more enticing to private lenders and hedge funds like our firm!”

Etu Evans Celebrity Shoe Designer

Crain’s 2004 Small Business of the Year

Money in the bank is a treasure to add to any library. It is far from the mundane rehash of typical financial manuscripts.  It is heighten in humor, engaging and sound in strategy. The Funding Guy lives up to his moniker as he cleverly provides acute insight to move your aspirations from stagnation to success.  If you follow the tips enclosed, it will be “money in the bank”, no pun intended.”