Edward E. Felder, Jr.

“The Funding Guy”

America’s Premier Lending Expert

After being accepted into one of America’s top lending training programs, Edward traveled the country teaching bank presidents how to adequately structure their small business loan portfolios. As a result of one on one coaching, keynote speeches and his weekly funding blog, Edward aka “The Funding Guy” is quickly being recognized as one of America’s premier lending experts. Today as a principal of Supplier Funding, Inc. a boutique commercial lending finance firm based in Tampa, Florida, Felder has parlayed his formal credit training and lending expertise into an amazing platform that has enabled him to deliver nearly $350 million in funding to restaurateurs, hoteliers and mom & pop retailers who were bounced from bank to bank in search of working capital to kick start their start-ups. Through his debut book It’s Money In The Bank, 7 Insider Tips To Financing Any Small Biz, and his amazing Funding Guy cartoon series, Edward hopes to inspire, and teach millions of entrepreneurs how to Win Friends And Greatly Influence Their Bankers. An early adopter of internet marketing, Edward E. Felder, Jr. launched one of the first full service websites in the country that enabled entrepreneurs to apply for SBA 504 funding and working capital online. A 20 year lending executive Mr. Felder is currently a principal at Supplier Funding Inc., a boutique finance firm that delivers private funding to small and emerging firms with lucrative corporate and government contracts. Since founding Supplier Funding Mr. Felder has originated nearly $350 million in commercial funding. His expertise includes underwriting technology firms, manufacturing businesses, healthcare, staffing and a wide variety of commercial real estate development projects. Through various partnerships Mr. Felder has overseen the acquisition and renovation of nearly 60 income producing commercial properties for his own portfolio. Mr. Felder expanded the range of services his firm offers by creating Deal Street Capital, a commercial real estate brokerage firm that specializes in acquiring and liquidating distressed income producing properties from financial institutions. A former commercial credit review officer, Felder is skilled in identifying, analyzing and restructuring troubled commercial real estate assets. Author of the recently released The Art of the Flip and It’s Money In The Bank: 7 Insider Tips To Financing Any Small Biz! Felder’s passion is educating small and emerging firms how to easily secure funding on larger more profitable projects. Prior to founding his firm Mr. Felder worked as a commercial lender for a number of leading banks including Bank of America, AmSouth Bank, Citibank, Barnett Bank, Connecticut Mutual and Manufacturers Hanover Trust. To learn more about Mr. Felder, or to invite him to be a speaker at your chamber visit www.SupplierFunding.com or contact him directly at 813 245-3293. Or ff you’re looking to inspire your listeners and have them learn the secrets to delighting their bankers and winning boat loads of funding, simply email info@TheFundingGuy.com or phone the office at (813) 245-3293. A few fun topics that can be addressed during Edward’s radio interview include: 1. Let them eat Cake ..Why bankers don’t give you the time of day. 2. How to go from being a sidebar … to a celebrity in your lenders eyes! 3. 1 Secret To Winning OMG … Funding! 4. Secrets To Laughing Out Loud … All The Way from The Bank! 5. One Powerful Tool To Outsmart Your Banker! Enjoy a laugh on us … by checking out the latest “The Funding Guy” cartoons.

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