Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
May 15, 2017
Joseph was a Dreamer
May 17, 2017

I wanna sleep!

I wanna sleep. I promise I wanna sleep in until 9 :00 A.M.

But all the years of fooling myself and saying I’ll do it tomorrow has finally caught up with Me!

Years of procrastination has taught me, Almost Doesn’t Count, and Broke Excuses are like diarrhea, it keeps coming and coming.

I wanna bequeath my kids more than leftovers, and broken promises, I wanna leave them a legacy!

I’ve finally learned the universe can sniff out the fake grind and isn’t kind to idle chatter!

I wanna make my momma proud

I wanna enrich my city (cities)

I wanna make my ancestors proud to have birthed me and say their struggle was worth it all.

No More Broke Excuses!

By Edward E. Felder, Jr.

An Open Letter to my Future Self!

An Open Letter to all those called to do something greater!


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