Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!
May 12, 2017
Van Gogh’s, only painting
May 15, 2017

No Matter The Cost!

Laughed at, spit upon and called crazy! “No Matter The Cost. Destiny Awaits!” . . . was the mantra of Richard Williams,

a former sharecropper whose hands frequently bled picking cotton in Louisiana.

No Matter The Cost . . . was Richard’s mantra when he taught himself to play tennis buying used tennis balls for 10 cents,

putting rackets on layaway, and regularly getting into fistfights with gang members in order to use the tennis courts!

Richard Williams saw a tennis match on TV and was shocked at the size of the check being handed to the winner.

He wrote a 78-page plan, then executed on his plan to make his toddlers world champions.

The rest as they say, isn’t history…

Throughout most of their career, they were met with vitriol and systemic racism from fans, organizers, and opponents.

Because of their “No Matter The Cost. Destiny Awaits” Mantra they are considered the most heralded tennis players (male or female) in the history of the sport.

* Despite not having “mentors”

* Despite “being told they’d doing it all wrong”

* Despite having every reason to Quit, they never folded.

Today the sisters are the first African-American women to own a portion of an NFL franchise.

With an ownership interest in “Ultimate Fighting Championship” and sponsorships from everything from Bras, Banks & Bentleys,

the sisters are now considered American Royalty just a few short years after their dad found refuge in an outhouse!

The story of the Williams sister’s is of one of dogged determination, and fierce commitment to succeeding despite their backs being up against the wall.

The more I think about it, the more apparent it is that the Williams story isn’t an anomaly,

but the BluePrint of how our forefathers like Tubman, Ali, and A. G. Gaston excelled by saying “No Matter The Cost. Destiny Awaits!”


With a Net Worth of $700 million and business interest in 89 cities, Earvin cites the keys to his success being his “No Matter What Attitude”

“I could see the opportunity, even when others could not, and I stay committed to doing it and doing it well, no matter what!”

~ Earvin “Magic” Johnson ~

Do you have a no matter what attitude?

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